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Smokehouse Comedy Night Starring Isaac Flaco Martinez

Isaac Flaco Martinez
Friday, April 27 Show - 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
SmokeHouse Bar and Grill
SmokeHouse Bar and Grill 38743 highway 99
Kingsburg, CA 93631


Isaac Flaco Martinez

Born with Marfan Syndrome, Isaac Martinez knew that pain would be an unavoidable facet of his life. Instead of wallowing in it, he turned to laughter instead, and the comedian "Flaco" (Spanish for "skinny") was born. Martinez wholeheartedly embraced who he was, the cards he was dealt and incorporated that into his hilarious, unique and deeply personal stand-up routine. Catch this rising comedian at the SmokeHouse Bar And Grill for a night of big laughs from a little guy.

Featuring: Brian McDaniel

Brian can be seen in the new Entourage movie, and as a regular contributor on CBS’ “The Talk” and on TMZ.

Brian grew up in Prince George's county Maryland, riding the bus to school where comedy was the ultimate factor in deciding social status. Mostly, he just tried to avoid being embarrassed by the popular kids and the foul-mouthed big-banged girls that followed them. But he was learning by osmosis, picking up on what was funny and what was just swagger, which jokes made everybody laugh, and which ones just unified the cool clique in their superiority. He couples this experience with the pop culture expertise of a TMZ veteran to write material that's incisive, ridiculous, and surprising.
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